Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July weekend...the Adora Way!

We don't know about you, but we look forward to this weekend all year long at Adora! It's a weekend of our 3 favorite F's! Friends, Family and of course...lot's and lot's of food!

In a day and age where families are collectively on the go with packed schedules, the long weekend allows us to slow down and "smell the roses" -  or in many cases "smell the BBQ"!

It's an opportunity to take shelter in life's little treasures, like sharing laughs over a cookout, sitting on the porch and watching the fireworks and listening to the giggles of kids playing in the yard.

We had our own little celebration at our first Annual 4th of July BBQ at our office in Orange County, California! Lot's of sunshine, yummy food, treats and a game of darts for great prizes!

Our marketing girl sneaking some chips!

Chef BJ working her magic!

Our sales girl Tracy hitting a bullseye!

We hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend this Independence Day, and of course don't forget to Play Dolls!

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