Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Peace, Friendship and Goodwill Week

Celebrate and make a positive difference in someones life.
  This week is dedicated to Peace, Friendship and Goodwill toward others. 

Celebrate this week by showing your family, friends and those closest to you how much they mean to you. Show peace in your life, job and the world we live in. And Goodwill towards human kind!

Get an 18" Adora Friends doll to celebrate the week with you : )

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Earth Science Week! Learn and Play with the Kids

This week is Earth Science week. Kids are back in school and learning all about the earth and all of the sciences involved that make the earth go around.

Being Earth Science week we think about volunteering to keep our planet clean and safe. The Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year and what better volunteers then the young girls of this amazing organization are there to help us keep our planet clean and safe! 

If your little one is a Girl Scout or just loves helping out in her community and around the world. She deserves an adorable Adora Girl Scout Doll for all her hard work! And we have a doll for ever little girl. Check them out now here! Have fun celebrating a great week of taking care of our earth and play dolls!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Decorating!

As the holiday seasons approach, decorating for the occasion become a large part of the excitement this time of year brings! Decorating your home, office, kids rooms...any type of decorating can make the season more fun. And the even more fun part of this holiday in particular. . . Halloween, is dressing up! Being someone else for a day : )

Have you picked out your Halloween costume yet and started decorating!?

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Have fun and Play Dolls this Halloween!