Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let's All Share A Smile in March!

Share A Smile in March...it's Contagious!

March 1st was "Let's All Share A Smile" Day, even though that date has 
passed the month of March is still here and so is the joy that a smile can bring! 

Here are some ideas to get your Smiling! Once you start; others will smile with you...
  • Make a collage using pictures of smiles cut out of magazines.
  • Make smiley face masks using yellow paint and paper plates.
  • Name one thing that makes you smile.
  • Have a smile-off. See who can smile the longest. To make it harder, see who can smile the longest without laughing!
  • Talk about sharing.
  • Talk about how you feel when someone smiles at you and when you smile. 
  • WATCH THE ADORABLE Adora Dolls VIDEO...Sure to Make YOU SMILE!  

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