Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take A Trip Down The Yellow Brick Road with Adora Dolls! The Wizard of Oz Collection

Cute, Cuddly and oh, so collectible!
Award Winning Too!

Ruby slippers and wands that glow (((wink!wink!)))
Come join us for The Wizard of Oz Dolly Show
Truly amazing characters, with expressions so cute
You'll want them shucks, darn, shoot!
A magical journey with twists and turns
An iconic story with lessons to learn
No matter how far we may roam
There's definitely no place like home!
Come take a trip down the Yellow Brick Road with our amazing The Wizard of Oz Collection.
Sweet expressions, amazing costumes...magical fun! 
From Dorothy to the Wicked Witch of the West...these cuties are the best! 
There's no place like Adora for dolls that transport you to into world of imagination and fun!
Check out the entire collection!

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